My China Experience | 40 days left: Tokyoooo

I had decided to stop writing about ‘My China Experience’. I haven’t wrote an entry for months now. I felt that I couldn’t be 100% open in my blogs because there were things I didn’t want to share. I guess I felt that by not being completely open, I was somehow being dishonest. But then I figured that’s not true at all, so alas I’m back at it again.  

First of all, I’d like to know who told me to go on stage in a club in Tokyo and dance in front of everyone because I still refuse to believe that I did. 


I traveled to Japan last week and it was literally THE MOST INSANE WEEKEND OF MY LIFE. I have had some wild nights in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia.. But Tokyo was on a whole ‘nother level.

The people are amazing! So polite, so embracing of the black culture, they don’t stare (throws shade at Chinese people), the guys are super cute – I’m sure I have about 5 Japanese husbands now – and the girls are so beautiful.

On the second night we went to a club called Harlem in Shibuya. I met a 7ft2 guy outside the club (not joking) and I literally almost broke my neck trying to converse with him; at which point I realised he was actually just too tall and this was just not going to work.

Inside the club the music is strictly Hip Hop and R&B – yes, yes, yes, my exact cup of tea! I also happened to meet a beautiful man with a luscious beard, from the US (sips tea) but due to my drunkenness, that’s all I remember finding out about him and by the end of the night I ended up taking a liking to his friend instead which left him bitterly frustrated as I woke up to the text: 

“So you’re not going home with me, haha?” 

– The haha sounding ever so desperately unamused. Sorry, I guess?

The third night however was a complete blockbuster. We chose a brand new location in Roppongi, where I had the unfortunate encounter of bumping into the 2 US lads again, at which point I wanted to slit my throat.

I began to speed walk, almost running to avoid any awkward encounters. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated after they caught up with us though. One of them was polite enough to greet me, while the other still seemed salty about the night before. Lol.

We went to a club which was completely filled, with so many black people, half Latino, half Japanese, Brazilian – you name it! And then there was the insanely good music. 

Jim Beam whiskey having gotten the better of me and my friend, left us moving through the crowd of people on the dance floor, till I found myself on stage. Once I was up there, I figured I couldn’t just stand there and the wave was so strong. It was great though, loads of people joined in and it seemed the whole club was on the same wave. I danced and danced for the whole night, meeting people from all over the world. I didn’t want the night to end. 


By the end of the night I met a US Navy official from Haiti who bought me and my friends kebab, got in a cab with us and whom we ran away from after realising we’d spent all our money in the club and couldn’t afford the fare. 

“Cathy, you got this right?”, asked the Haitian dude, seeking clarification that I was going to pay for the cab. 

“Yes, no problem”, I anxiously replied, scrabbling around my body, knowing full well I didn’t have a penny on me. So in my head I was like:


I turned to my friend, both of us in a drunken haze, holding in our laughter, still trying to figure out why this guy even got in the cab with us and where he was going. 

“2000 Yen”, declared the taxi driver. I nodded in acknowledgement and turned to my friend again who was busy dropping kebab everywhere in the back seat and had even lost her voice.

“We ha- no mone-“, she croaked, trying to force the words out of her hoarse throat. 


It was in this moment that we had to make an executive decision and make a run for it. My friend darted out the left door and I followed suit. We threw ourselves into the lift, ran down the hallway and crashed into bed. 


If the Hatian dude ever stumbles across this entry, I apologise. But seriously, where were you going? 


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