My China Experience | 5 months in: I kinda wanna go home now…


It’s been 5 months that I’ve been in Macau now, with a quick 3 week break around South East Asia (take me back already). But London is where I really want to be. 

You’d think turning 22 soon would make me a big enough girl to handle living away from home for an academic year, especially having done the same in 2010 at the age of 16 in Uganda. 


I miss my family and friends, the food (please stop assuming that I’m enjoying the food in China, because I am not. It is rubbish), my house, my TV, True Movies (yes, True Movies at 3am with a devastating biopic which usually ended in a court room where someone gets shot) and strangely enough I miss the people.

London’s often stereotyped as a place where people mind their own so much so, that you could be getting robbed, but Simon can’t miss that train to work so he ought to dash, leaving you to fend for yourself. 


But there’s a part of that British culture that I miss. Minding your own isn’t always such a bad thing. Being black in London (at least for me anyway), doesn’t result in excessive staring and pestering photo opportunities. Living in China, I have now resorted to wearing my Mary J Blige “No More Drama” shades every time I go out, to avoid the “hateration [and] holleration.”


I miss my brothers’ banter. I miss my little brother’s overly excessive but genuine laughter, usually at other people’s expense. I miss my older brother’s sense of humour; he always seemed to annoy the hell out of me while making me laugh at the same time. 

I actually miss the way my mother never let me sleep, because now that my roommate has moved back to England (missing her too), there is nobody to motivate me to get out of bed on my free days. 

I suppose living in Uganda was easier because I had my oldest brother with me and other family members, plus I went home for Christmas. Plus it really is my second home. But China is just so different. 

I am not demeaning all the amazing experiences I’ve had so far though, and all the supportive people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. 

I have definitely learnt a lot about myself over the course of these past few months, and a lot about other people (men), which I am grateful for. 

I know second semester is going to be a drag as I am so over education already, but I have got to keep going. Hopefully this semester will fly by quicker than the last. Just another 4-5 months to go…



4 thoughts on “My China Experience | 5 months in: I kinda wanna go home now…

  1. Hope you can still enjoy yourself while you’re out there! I worried about being black in Spain but they don’t seem to care. It must get tiring being a spectacle all the time. That and uni long anyway Stay strong xx


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