My China Experience | 4 months in: Thailand Day 1: strange man in bed 01

First of all, I don’t know why we’re sharing a room with a strange middle aged man. I suppose I should have been prepared, from when I booked a “mixed room”. But now that it has become reality, I cannot help but have a mini heart attack every time he moves around in his sleep. I keep thinking he is going to rise beside my bed and kill me. I know I sound ridiculous and paranoid but seriously. 

I guess that’s what you get for cheap hostels. C’est la vie – or whatever life I have left!

It’s currently just gone 6am and we arrived at the hostel 3 hours ago, having endured buzibu above and beyond.

We crept into the room, led by the downstairs receptionist and were instructed to keep quiet from a single finger to the lips gesture. 

It was all because the strange man was asleep. 

After the receptionist left the room, my friend & I just stared blankly into the darkness. How were we going to navigate ourselves in total darkness?

My friend daringly flicked the switch and the man turned slowly to face us. I froze. My friend laughed. I was not sure what was so amusing, considering the possibility that we might be taking our last breaths. He didn’t speak. He just squinted as the light invaded his vision. 


He lay his arm across his forehead, trying to focus slightly on who had dared to disrupt his slumber. I was still frozen, analysing the strange man. My friend began bustling through her suitcase, searching for her pyjamas. I muttered the word, “sorry”, slightly trembling. 
He smiled briefly and turned to face the wall. I relaxed a little. Perhaps he wasn’t a murderer who had checked in just to slaughter his roommates. I took advantage of of his inability to see me and changed quickly, then got into bed. 

I lay on my front, scrolling through my phone, when I felt a sudden gaze upon me. It sounds quite dramatic (understatement of my characteristic) but I wasn’t wrong. I looked up slightly, and we locked eyes instantly – in the LEAST romantic way possible. I quickly averted my eyes back to my phone, as if to pretend I had never seen him looking at me.

Why was my friend taking so long in the bathroom? I started to scroll more frantically through my phone, not fully watching the snapchat stories but merely comforting myself in making it seem like I was concentrating on something other than him. 

I looked up again, this time in the most discreet way I knew how. It was if he had never taken his eyes off me. Flip. There was a knock at the door. I literally leapt off my top bunk, banging my wrist on the corner of the bed & knocking my ankle on the ladder. Goodness. My friend looked at me, slightly taken back – probably from all the energy I brought in injuring myself just to let her in. 

I turned to the strange man but he had turned to face the wall again. 

“Goodness Catherine, get a grip!”

I climbed back into bed and decided to just sleep off all this paranoia (after writing down all that had occurred of course). Just another hour until breakfast. Let’s do this!

Oh Bangkok, I’m ready for ya – I think! 



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